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Alimony & Spousal Support Attorney in Beaufort SC

alimony & spousal support attorney

In South Carolina, alimony (or spousal support) is not governed by state guideline - it is awarded to one spouse based on a number of factors considered by the family court as guidelines.

In deciding whether to award alimony, a court will generally consider such factors as:

- Length of marriage, ages of spouses at time of marriage and divorce
- Physical and emotional condition of each spouse
- Standard of living established during marriage
- Marital and non-marital properties of each spouse
- Existence and extent of support obligation from a prior marriage
- Child Custody
- Current and anticipated earnings & expenses of each spouses
- Marital misconduct or fault of either spouse
- Tax impact of support award

Whether you are seeking or defending against an alimony award, the attorneys at The Law Offices of H. Grady Brown can assist you. We also represent individuals who need modification of alimony orders or termination of alimony awards based on a change in circumstances. And finally, we can undertake enforcement actions to collect any past due alimony.

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