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Alimony & Spousal Support Attorney in Beaufort SC

alimony & spousal support attorney

In South Carolina, alimony (or spousal support) is not governed by state guideline - it is awarded to one spouse based on a number of factors considered by the family court as guidelines.

In deciding whether to award alimony, a court will generally consider such factors as:

- Length of marriage, ages of spouses at time of marriage and divorce
- Physical and emotional condition of each spouse
- Standard of living established during marriage
- Marital and non-marital properties of each spouse
- Existence and extent of support obligation from a prior marriage
- Child Custody
- Current and anticipated earnings & expenses of each spouses
- Marital misconduct or fault of either spouse
- Tax impact of support award

Whether you are seeking or defending against an alimony award, the attorneys at Brown & Norton, LLC can assist you. We also represent individuals who need modification of alimony orders or termination of alimony awards based on a change in circumstances. And finally, we can undertake enforcement actions to collect any past due alimony.

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