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The war against drugs has led to harsher sentences for those convicted on drug possession charges.Drug trafficking charges almost always involve questions related to constitutional issues and police procedures. Depending on whether your car was pulled over on the highway, your home or place of business was searched, or an informant passed along information in exchange for a lesser sentence - how evidence is gathered and seized can determine the strength of the case against you.

What You Need to Know
Gathering credible evidence of drug trafficking isn't always an easy or straightforward process. To build their case, authorities will often cut deals with other parties involved in exchange for information leading to other arrests. For example, if a tip leads to your personal property being raided, there is no way of knowing for certain if the drugs located there were being stored or hidden without the knowledge of the property owner.

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The War on Drugs vs. The War on Rights -
Fighting for Second Chances

If a search of your car, person, or home was conducted illegally, we move quickly to have the charges dismissed. Where procedures were appropriately followed, we are prepared to work with authorities and explore any legally available options that might get the charges dismissed or reduced.

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