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Insurance Defense Attorney (Denied Claims) in Beaufort SC

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When you sign up for commercial, health, life, property or disability insurance, you contract with your insurance company to provide any needed support and pay your legitimate claim. When a valid claim is denied, you have a right to find out why — and a right to demand payment. The Law Offices of H. Grady Brown represent individual and business clients in cases such as:

- Personal Injury
- Auto Accidents
- Product Defects
- Premises Liability
- Construction Defects
- Environmental Law
- Governmental Liability
- Ccommercial Law
- Law Enforcement Liability.

If you disagree with the denial of your insurance claim, you do have the right to appeal that decision, both through your insurance company's appeal process and in a court of law. You should not assume that your insurance company has the final word on denied claims.

We will listen carefully to your concerns and take the time necessary to gather all the necessary facts in denied claims cases. He will work closely with you to resolve the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call (843) 379-3900 for a consultation.