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Military Law Lawyer in Beaufort SC

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The Law Offices of H. Grady Brown have proudly and successfully represented active military servicemen and veterans in Beaufort County for over 34 years including:

-Family Law - including Military Divorce (see details below)
-Criminal Defense {DUI, Assault and Battery, etc}
- Personal injury & Worker's Compensation
- Civil Litigation

Military Divorce in South Carolina
If you are facing a military divorce in Beaufort SC, attorney H. Grady Brown has handled family law cases for over 34 years. Mr. Brown is well-versed the issues involved in a military divorce including;
- The Service Members Civil Relief Act
- Residency and South Carolina Family Court Jurisdiction
- Accurate Calculation of a Service Member's Income
- Military Pensions
- Survivor Benefit Plan and Additional Coverages
- Child Support & Alimony

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