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In South Carolina, divorce is never automatic. One spouse must bring a lawsuit requesting a divorce and demonstrate to a family court judge that grounds exist to terminate the marriage. The process is complicated, and even if you and your spouse are working well together, you may benefit from having an attorney represent you during the proceedings.

Grounds for Divorce in South Carolina:

South Carolina recognizes grounds for divorce which include: one year separation, adultery, alcoholism and/or drug addiction, physical abuse, and willful desertion for one year (this includes misconduct that causes the other spouse to leave). One year separation is considered the only no-fault category under South Carolina law. An attorney can help you determine how best to approach your request for divorce. If both you and your spouse desire a divorce, there are specific steps that will help you expedite this process - whether you are able to negotiate an agreement with your spouse through collective means or through the court system.

Residency Requirements: To file for divorce in South Carolina, either you or your spouse must be a resident of South Carolina for at least one year unless both of you are residents, and then the requirement is three months. You must wait 90 days from the time of filing for a divorce to the time of your final decree of divorce.

The Law Offices of H. Grady Brown is devoted to divorce and family law. The firm handles contested and uncontested divorces, including:

- Complex divorces
- Child custody and visitation
- Equitable distribution of marital property
- Child support
- Alimony & Spousal Support
- Paternity issues
- Prenuptial Agreements

Our firm also handles family court mediations, relocation cases, enforcement proceedings, modification proceedings, and drafting of Settlement Agreements which include issues regarding the division of property, child custody, child support and visitation.


For experienced, compassionate, and practical advice about dissolution of marriage - whether you're about to file for divorce, or you've just been served with a divorce petition – please contact The Law Offices of H. Grady Brown. With years of experience concentrated in  South Carolina family law, their attorneys can guide you through the legal and personal complexities of divorce.

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